Luella had received huge critical acclaim for her avant-garde collections, particularly for her sought after accessories. FDA were pleased to have been appointed for the design and implementation of her concessions and shops here in the UK and abroad and ultimately her flag-ship store in central London.

The flag-ship store was located in a historic building, once home to the composer Handel. This required detailed negotiations with planners to ensure that the Grade II* Listed building was adapted for its new use sensitively and appropriately. Existing mouldings and cladding all had to be retained with new interventions working around these and the juxtaposition of old and new amplified the radical style of the brand.

Significant new areas of material such as the flooring had to specified and finished to engender the sense that it had always been there throughout the life of the building and yet not veer too far from the core brand identity. This was achieved thought the use of reclaimed and carefully selected flooring timbers refinished for the new shop.