Following ‘The Cinema at Selfridges’ for the same client, FDA were invited to design a new cinema in the highly prestigious and iconic Battersea Power Station redevelopment on the river Thames.

Intended to be central to the development’s cultural strategy, the 2-screen cinema is bespoke and luxurious, even offering private viewing ‘Loges’, similar to a theatre box, for the most intimate experience as well as general seating.

The customer experience is of a rich and textured environment. Lighting is soft, low and warm, shadows are deep, and harshness avoided.

Designed in collaboration with ARC Cinema Solutions and Dolby Cinema, for the larger of the two screens, every viewing and listening angle was first modelled and detailing exacted to ensure the best audience experience.

Every possible distraction from the screen was rigorously designed out, even the speakers are carefully concealed behind fabric, giving no clues of where the immense and dizzying sound comes from so nothing can diminish the audience’s sense of immersion.