Design by FDArchitecture; Design for Boutique Hotelier in a sensitive site. Our Client, popular a family run boutique hotel, in a spectacular Cornish setting was keen to diversify their offer for guests and visitors alike with a new restaurant offer.

The site, as it stood, was incredibly restricted, little more that 2m deep at its deepest, located on a sea wall and sandwiched between the beach and cliff. This had was occupied with the local RNLI station, which at that point was a pair of simple garden sheds.

The concept was to redevelop the site, retaining use by the RNLI by providing them with more substantial and specialised facilities and then utilise the new structure as a platform for a restaurant above which would be afforded unrivalled views across the beach and to the Atlantic Ocean.

To this point, this was bar far the most challenging site FDA have had to consider, with extremely limited options for the construction method and time, building arrangement and the potential threats to it from its environment.