Concept Design by FDArchitecture; Volkswagen well understand that the experience of their customer begins well before they ever drive one of their cars and exists well beyond then in the realms of memory and imagination as well as the day to day.

For a car manufacturer, time spent in the showroom can be pivotal in telling their story and providing their customers with the certainty and desire to buy into the brand.

However, Volkswagen Group (UK) considered their existing offer to lack the same potency and strength as their products so, following several successful projects with a focus on ‘customer experience’, FDArchitecture were invited by VWG (UK) to provide concept designs for their flagship West London showroom.

Our concept was to take the customer on a figurative journey which began with the arrival and ended with the hand-over of keys to a new car, and on this journey each customer is gently reminded of the depth and history of the brand, it’s permeation into the popular imagination and universally held, often warm, memories of what the brand represented. FDA sought to subtly underline that vibrancy and vitality the brand then processed and draw this from past, through present and well into the future where customers were invited to enjoy how VW envisaged that future might be.