Set into a steep hill with views across a Cornish bay, this extension and remodelling of an existing bungalow sought to introduce coherence to the original house and encompass the site as a whole.

Inter-connecting spaces were added helping form new relationships with the landscape. A completely new building to the rear of the site was also introduced and offered the client the amenity of a home office and indeed additional accommodation for guests keen to take advantage of the new swimming pool which separates the two buildings.

Accommodation in the main house is flipped from the traditional arrangement with bedrooms located on at the ground floor while the living spaces enjoy the best views over the bay and also across to the pool at the rear from the upper floor.

To achieve variety and interest befitting of the dramatic location lighting was, of course, critical particularly where the building cuts into the hillside so all opportunities to introduce daylight were taken. A double-glazed wall which allows light to reach the deepest section at the rear of the main building was central to this strategy.

The client desired the project to have the least possible environmental impact, as a result both buildings are highly insulated including green roofs at the extension and new structure, heating is provided by an air-source heat pump and rainwater is harvested from the new roofs.